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The Nurturing Begins Here 

Providing you with
Integrative Wellness through
"Yoga Therapy"

What Is Integrative Yoga Therapy  

When you break the three words above , Integrative is looking at all parts of your wellbeing , Yoga is to unite , to connect and Therapy is defined as a way to develop positive thinking and coping skills to treat specific mental , physical and spiritual challenges that you may have and are wanting to find a way to overcome those obstacles through self regulation. ​ That is exactly what our sessions together would look like . The journey to healing is a long one , there's no quick fix or magic wand to fix life's ups and downs , but with educating you and supporting you in what integrative practices work for you, It can make life a little easier and with time, the transition of healing begins.  Yoga Therapy ranges from working on each relationship of your personal development. We ask the questions together,


"What is your relationship with your physical self"?




"What is your relationship with your emotional needs? 

YOUR nervous system

Body awareness

"What is your relationship with your spiritual needs?

YOUR trust in Self 

YOUR trust in Faith 

YOUR self Identity 

Together we create a relationship, learn more about who are and create support along your personal development.  My intention for you within our Yoga Therapy sessions together is to assist you in learning more about YOU!  We can take one step at a time , but the first step starts with YOU! 


If you are ready to begin this process, start with a simple conversation together for 30 mins below for free to see if we are a good fit to journey along your human experience.  

Take Time, 

To Cleanse 

To Heal 

To Grow 

To Renew  

To Become. 


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