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 Collaborations In Wellness

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Are you looking to add Integrative Mindfulness to Your next Event, Business, or Non-Profit?  

Take a look at some of the Integrative Practices you can host at your next event through my organization Mother Wholistic Healings. We provide Integrative Mindfulness Workshops , Classes and private practices to Mothers , Women and Children that aim to Heal , Transform & Support the Human's personal development. 

If you see any interest in any of these Practices that you would like to host at your upcoming Events, Please Fill out the form and Book a consultation below, so that we can get acquainted. 

Yoga For Mental Health

Host a wellness segment at your event that educates your clients on ways to regulate the nervous system through the use of Yoga in every day life's Challenges . This could be a workshop or class that caters to help alleviate work related stress , The daily stresses of motherhood and a yoga practice that helps children handle stress. Some specializations are Anxiety , Depression and PTSD.

Trauma Informed Yoga 

If your organization and or business works with people who have recent trauma and would like to learn ways to release that trauma in a safe space by a certified trauma informed yoga instructor, This would be a great class to host at your facility. I work with teens in crisis group homes, sexual abuse women, depression , anxiety , PTSD , veterans ,postpartum women and addiction recovery clients.

Postpartum Wellness & Support 

If your organization specializes in New Mothers or Prenatal Moms, You can host a session that provides integrative education on the rebirth of a mother. Some classes that are hosted are postnatal yoga, prenatal yoga , Yoga & Mindfulness for Postpartum depression and anxiety. Integrative postpartum wellness coaching.

Mindful Mini Workshops

"Children's & Teens Mindfulness

If your organization or business involve children, in group homes , schools , foster care etc, We can provide workshops that include but are not limited to, fun partner yoga , family yoga , mindful interactive art creating, Mindful game sessions. From experience, children have shown significance positive behavior from these mindful workshops.  

Mindfulness Activity Workshops 

If you would like to build community within your organization, you can host a Mindfulness Activity Workshop that includes the use of journaling & Expressive Art Therapy. Each person gets to take their art Home. 

Yoga and Meditation 

Sound Therapy

If you are just looking to host Yoga and meditation, you can choose from a range of 30 min. to 60 min sessions that provide aromatherapy , sound healing and Yoga at your event or organization. 

BOOK A FREE Consultation over coffee or virtually over zoom to speak about how we can collaborate together  


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