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Mama's Integrative Wellness in all stages of Motherhood 

 Nurturing the Mama That is Raising The Next Generation Of Human Beings 

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Greetings Beautiful Mamas 

Mother Wholistic Healings was Birthed by 

Amara, a mother of three and Integrative wellness practitioner based in Charlotte, NC.
Mother Wholistc Healings offers 
 Womb Wellness 

Mindful Movement Classes 

  Motherhood Support Circles

Women’s Health & Wellness Workshops

 Spiritual Ceremonies

Mother Wholistc Healings  
Caters to mothers at all stages of motherhood, We emphasize the importance of self-care to enable mothers to better support their children & not forget about who we are as individual women. 

Inspired by the owner's own journey of motherhood, Amara is passionate about nurturing mothers to explore new facets of themselves as women.

Mother Wholistic Healings Motto:

“A Rooted Mom, Creates Space to raise Rooted Children” 

Services Offered 

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Build Your Community

 Join a community of mothers in all stages of motherhood coming together to converse, fellowship & expand our knowledge on mindfulness for mama, that helps mama's to remember self care mentally, physically & spiritually. Each time that we gather together we will practice different ways to bring more self care , self love and build a community that nurtures the mother in every stage of motherhood,

(Prenatal , Postpartum , Matrescence , Motherhood in All Stages!)

You can expect to :

Create Friendships

Build Community 

Connect Spiritually  

Share Knowledge 

Feel Supported 

Motherhood Conversation 

Monthly Mama Self Retreats 

"Let go of responsibility for a little while, and just be present with you" 






















You can listen in on my new upcoming podcast that is filled with meditations, Affirmations and also mama to mama conversations that keeps it real on the lifestyle of motherhood and Self Care .

Love & Blessings 

-Amara Jenel 

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Motherhood, Spirituality , Self Care

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